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Thursday, January 21, 2010

3D mobile

The cool thing about 3D on small screens i.e. cel phones, digial picture viewers like the Fuji Film unit (and we hope the new mobile tv devices like flow tv), is that the combination of a single viewer and a small image makes determining a 'sweet spot' for glasses free viewing possible. This is fantastic for 3D - it allows our media to appear in many more venues making it a true media-type rather than just a specialty only for the big screen / glasses required experience.

3M is at the forefront of this technology and there is a great article on their Vikuti film here on geek.com:


This is good too:


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sony 3D Blu-ray player announced

The much anticipated Blu-ray standard for 3D was completed by SMPTE in December and Sony, with their strong focus on 3D in the home (they've officially announced this as a company strategy specifically applying to their Playstation 3, Vaio laptops, and Bravia displays among others) - are 1st on the scene with their 3D Blu-ray player.

here's an article from Crunch Gear:


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Europe's 1st 3D stop-motion feature

Artefacto Productions in Santiago De Compostela Spain are producing a stop-motion feature in stereoscopic 3D based on the walk of saints (The Saint James way) - the 1000 year tradition of making a pilgimage to the wonderful cathedral in Santiago.

The film is directed by Fernando Cortizo, and featuring the voice talents of Carlos Blanco, Jorge Sanz, and Paul Naschy, as well as music by Phillip Glass.

O Apostolo tells the story of a thief who escapes from jail and returns to a remote village where he had previously hidden his loot. Complications ensue when he discovers that the the town is controlled by a corrupt priest and a sacred company of soul hungry spirits. This film is scheduled to premiere in July 2010.

Special Awesome's very own Colin Miller is the films stereoscopic consultant and visual effects supervisor.

Check out the cool designs at their site: